Dosa Coffee successfully launches its new outlet in Delhi NCR

Dosa Coffee successfully launched its new outlet in Delhi NCRNew Delhi, 15th May 2023: Dosa Coffee, a key location for savouring exquisite South Indian cuisine, successfully launched a new outlet in Delhi NCR, adding to their existing 8 outlets across Eastern India. With this launch, they marked their footprints in North India, bringing to the table the exquisite taste of South Indian delicacies.

Dosa Coffee, which has gained recognition for delivering genuine South Indian dishes, is looking forward to expanding with the same conviction and zeal throughout North India. A wide range of traditional South Indian cuisines were served at the event, which was a smashing success. To complement the delectable meals, the cafe also created a warm and welcoming environment that mirrored the lively culture of South India. The event served as a great illustration of their sincerity and degree of ambition.

Commenting on the accomplishment, Mr Siddhant Dalmia, founder of Dosa Coffee, said, ” With this launch, we have marked the beginning of yet another journey while bringing the unique flavours and traditions of South India to the people of North India”. We cordially encourage everyone to stop by and sample the genuine flavours of South Indian food while also taking in the cosy environment and friendly hospitality of our cafe. We are eager to share with our guests our love of South Indian foods.

Dosa Coffee, a renowned chain of South Indian cuisines headquartered in Kolkata, operates eight popular stores in the city. The chain’s feats have resulted in the impending inauguration of its ninth location in Delhi, demonstrating its dedication to quality and service. With its expanding presence, Dosa Coffee is poised to become a leading player in India’s coffee market. Dosa Coffee offers an extensive range of South Indian delicacies, from crispy dosas and fluffy idlis to steaming hot filter coffee, catering to diverse taste preferences. With a mission to spread the deliciousness of South Indian cuisine across the country, this restaurant chain is committed to expanding its presence in every corner of India.

The Food hub is well known for its authentic flavors and fine meals. Dosa Coffee, which is currently expanding in North India with several outlets in Eastern India,  plans to open 10 to 12 outlets in Delhi-NCR over the course of the following year. In addition to all of this, the brand also plans to expand by entering Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities over the course of the next two to three years.

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