Divya Jyoti’s Mega Mahashivratri at Rajouri Garden

Peace Program (2)

Among the chief guests Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi (MP & National Spokesperson, BJP) along with other dignitaries. The participants received a complete traditional style welcome with Tripund Abhishekam and sacred Rudraksh threads. Following which, the first segment of this mega event witnessed invocation of Antar Lingam by performing ceremonial worship of the Inner Self under the radiance of Yajurveda Mantra chanting and classical presentations. Then, there was a musical presentation that observed a unique fusion of high-pitched beats laced with different names of Lord Shiva that imparted multiple mental health benefits to the attendees. Sadhvi Dr. Nidhi Bharti, then drew out various corporate style analyses out of the Lord Shiva’s Life through intriguing and fun-filled activities. Sadhvi Ji revealed how lord Shiva maintained a perfect work-life balance between His personal and professional lives. This concept of practical spirituality appealed to the rational class of the attendees.

Next session was about the energetic Shiva Tandava, where Sadhvi Parma Bharti put forth a 4-step model of exclusive yogic postures, footsteps and pranic mudras out of this powerful dance form. It soon activated a positive vibrational circuit among everyone present in the hall. Another key highlight of the exclusive Shiva night was the never-seen-before Shaivik Fashion Show that decoded the science behind the distinguished stylization of Lord Shiva. Sadhvi Deepika Bharti inspired participants to recognize the eternally rich cosmic beauty, far beyond the materialistic cosmetic beauty.

The traditional legends of Lord Shiva were beautifully expressed through epical dance ballets and dramatics. Later, Sadhvi Tapeshwari Bharti Ji, the coordinator of PEACE Program gave the crux of this mega event by explaining the metaphysics behind meditation and activation of Shiva’s third eye. Sadhvi Ji decoded various vedantic and sanatan dharma philosophies through scientific, technical and human model demonstrations. She practically demonstrated the evolutionary upliftment of the consciousness from the girth of darkness to the path of righteousness. Finally, the program concluded with a mega musical fest and ananda dance which reverberated the whole atmosphere with Shiv ecstasy. This unique concept embarked the Shiv element in hundreds of audiences who witnessed the event. They were highly amazed and mesmerized to be a part of this contemporary spirituo-scientific mega event.

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