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Danfoss Fire Safety Delivers Cutting-Edge Fire Protection System for Samruddhi Expressway Tunnel in Maharashtra, India

Danfoss Fire Safety Delivers Cutting-Edge Fire Protection System for Samruddhi Expressway Tunnel in Maharashtra, IndiaDanfoss Fire Safety proudly announces the successful implementation of its state-of-the-art SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist fire protection system in the Samruddhi Expressway Tunnel, located in Maharashtra, India. This groundbreaking project marks a significant advancement in fire safety technology and infrastructure development, aimed at creating a safe environment for people to escape in case of a fire situation and safeguarding the tunnel structure.

The Samruddhi Expressway, a vital link connecting the cities of Mumbai and Nagpur, serves as a catalyst for overall socio-economic development in Maharashtra. Situated at the heart of the Mumbai-Nagpur mega project, the Samruddhi tunnel is an 8-kilometer, 3-lane marvel that allows travelers to safely traverse the Western Ghats mountains in less than 10 minutes. Ensuring reliable fire protection in the tunnel is paramount. In line with this, Danfoss Fire Safety was chosen as the supplier of the active fire protection system for this project. Thus, the tunnel is installed with the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system from Danfoss Fire Safety.

Fires in tunnels can escalate rapidly, posing significant risks to life and infrastructure. To address this challenge, the Samruddhi tunnel incorporates 26 cross-passages for emergency evacuation and 54 ventilation fans per tube to ensure optimal airflow and smoke clearance. What sets this tunnel apart is its adoption of the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system, a cutting-edge technology designed to efficiently suppress fires and mitigate their impact.

“Pioneering the implementation of our SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system in the Samruddhi Expressway Tunnel is a testament to Danfoss’s commitment to innovation and safety. We are proud to be involved in a project vital to the development of Maharashtra, India, ensuring that roads users can travel with peace of mind while preserving the environment for future generations.”, Qusai Alasad, Global Manager- Transportation Infrastructures, Danfoss Fire Safety.

“I am honored to witness the successful implementation of our SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist fire protection system in the Samruddhi Expressway Tunnel. This milestone not only showcases Danfoss Fire Safety’s unwavering commitment to pioneering safety solutions but also reflects our relentless dedication to elevating infrastructure safety standards. Our extensive fire testing at RISE in Norway, witnessed and verified by UL and meeting the SOLIT2 and NFPA502 criteria, underscores the depth of our investment in ensuring the utmost safety and reliability of our technology. With this project, we continue to lead the industry, setting new benchmarks in fire protection for tunnels worldwide.” – said Poul Harder, CEO of Danfoss Fire Safety.

High-pressure water mist is completely harmless to humans but very effective against fires. Test results show that high-pressure water mist systems efficiently suppress even deep-seated or hard-to-reach fires. The combined cooling and oxygen displacement provide a cooling capacity up to 7 times greater than sprinklers, and the system effectively prevents re-ignition.

This innovative solution covers both tubes of the tunnel. The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system is made up of high-pressure water mist pump units, section valves, nozzles, pipes, and fittings. The high-quality stainless-steel components, energy efficient high-pressure Danfoss pumps and durable system are key factors in the long system life cycle.

Designed to meet the sustainability needs of the customer, the SEM-SAFE® system uses very little water. This sustainability-focused approach aligns with the project’s commitment to environmental preservation, particularly given its proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Western Ghats.

In addition to supplying the system, Danfoss Fire Safety provides comprehensive technical design, engineering capabilities and site supervision, for smooth and comprehensive project handling and support. The contractor for the Samruddhi Tunnel is Afcons Infrastructure Limited, one of India’s largest infrastructure construction companies.

Danfoss Fire Safety’s SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system sets a new standard for fire protection in the Samruddhi Expressway Tunnel. By delivering efficient and innovative solutions, Danfoss Fire Safety remains dedicated to offering unparalleled competitive edge through uncompromising performance and cost-effective systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Life safety: The SEM-SAFE® system effectively cools, absorbs the heat radiation, and controls the smoke. This enhances the tenable conditions for people to evacuate and creates a safe environment for the fire brigade to search, rescue and fight fires.
  • Structural integrity: The SEM-SAFE® system is activated quickly in case of smoke or fire, quickly suppressing the fire, and preventing it from threatening the structural integrity of the tunnel.
  • Reduced downtime: By converting water to mist, and by only activating nozzles in the area affected by the fire, the system consumes up to 80% less water than sprinklers. This can mean less post clean up and minimum or no water damage.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: By optimizing resource usage and minimizing maintenance requirements, the SEM-SAFE® system presents a compelling proposition for reduced total cost of ownership over the system’s lifecycle.
  • Reduction of Ventilation Design Requirements: With its efficient fire suppression capabilities, the SEM-SAFE® system can lead to a reduction in ventilation design requirements, resulting in cost savings and streamlined infrastructure design.
  • Long Life Cycle: Built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, the SEM-SAFE® system boasts a long-life cycle, for prolonged reliability and performance in critical tunnel environments.

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