Corporate Poker League Poker High associates with Legends Cup 2023

Mumbai, December 21, 2022: Legends Cup 2023, the emblem of Corporate Football in India announced that the upcoming edition will feature Poker as part of the corporate tournament. Titled “Corporate Poker League” this new addition will be designed and executed by PokerHigh.

As much as it’s important to play physical sports to be agile, it’s also important to be mentally agile and playing poker brings that to the table. Corporate Poker League is a very interactive event where participants get to network throughout the evening as they move from table to table and compete on skill. The best performing player from the winning team gets a fully sponsored trip to Spain to view a LIVE LaLiga match.

Building on the Ethos of Legends Cup, the 1st Season of the “Corporate Poker League” will build a forum for ‘Legends off the Field’ with Pokerhigh providing a team and league format for enthusiasts to show their Mind Sport skills.

This 1st season will have a minimum of 24 teams from across India, competing in a league format designed to synergize with football with Group, Round of 16* Quarter finals being played online. Semi Finals and Finals will be played in tandem with the Legends Cup calendar.

Team structure will be of 4 players per team with 1 substitute optional and the goal of this 1st Season is to establish the league across all  the cities where Legends cup is present building a platform for a long term 1st of its kind in India Mind Sport league for Corporates only!

Speaking of the association, Mr. Gaurav Gaggar, promoter, Poker High shares, “ Poker is a great way to bring everybody together. We are here to select the best individual and the best Corporate team to show their mental skills.  If you have the brains and the discipline, you can participate in Corporate Poker League at Legends Cup this year where age, size, gender doesn’t matter. It takes competitive spirits, strategic minds and an unwavering focus to win in today’s business world and what better than Poker to achieve the same. I started my career with a leading international bank. In an informal setting all new joinees played poker with the international heads of treasury, financial control, planning, compliance, and audit. The new joinees got placed into their roles in the bank basis the way they played poker. Of course it wasn’t the only criteria to determine the roles, it certainly was a great way to know the characteristics of the new joinees. And it was a great way for people to get to know each other.”

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