Cherish the Patriotic Brunch at Ministry of Food, Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks

Tiranga bao- Ministry of Food

Celebrating the Rich Culinary heritage of Culinary of India

India is a melting pot of culture, and food is one of the rich legacies of this country that shelters diverse cultures and traditions, bringing people together. To celebrate the culinary heritage of the country, Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks has specially curated “Patriotic Brunch” that honors the culture and cuisine of India to celebrate the mark of our constitution on the 26th of January from 12 pm onwards at the all-day dining outlet, Ministry of Food.

From the spicy delicacies of South India to the rich flavors of North India, India’s cuisine is a reflection of the many communities that make up the great nation, and so is the menu at a classy fine dining restaurant, Ministry of Food. With a variety of tri-colored dishes and sweets,
the menu will also consist of Tiranga bao, Swatantra idli, Ganatantra paneer tikka, Tiranga chicken tikka, and many more to satisfy every taste palate. Not just this, the outlet is also giving away a 20% discount for all the guests who are dressed in all the three colors of our national flag. So come show your patriotism while enjoying the variety of our cuisine.

Raise a fork to the culinary heritage of India at the Ministry of Food!

For reservations: 7353759831

Time: 12 pm onwards

Where: Ministry of Food, Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks

When: January 26th 2023

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