Carving a niche in the haircare space: Saandiip Shah, MD, Biotop Professional India

Saandiip Shah, Managing Director at Biotop Professional India

With a range of hair treatments and hair care products made using quality ingredients at an affordable price, Biotop Professional India is carving a niche in the Indian market under Saandiip Shah’s expertise.

Originally made in Israel, Saandiip Shah with his expertise in the distribution sector has been importing and marketing the professional salon treatment range and the styling portfolio by Biotop Professional India since June 2016 in India. With an affordable and result-oriented approach, he says that Biotop is filling the void in the market and carving a niche in the hair care sector in India by providing specialized treatment for all kinds of hair concerns.

hair treatments and hair care products

As the managing director, Mr. Shah has already helped the brand grow in 40 cities across India owing to his years of experience in the distribution of top FMCG brands in India. His vision to be a client, employee, and distributor-friendly company has been the biggest contributor to the brand’s growth in India. As opposed to their competitors, Saandiip’s terms are different and he’s aiming for luxurious and premium salons to avail their services and be a provider to all professional salons in India. He has earned the credibility of loyal customers through quality hair treatments provided in exclusive salons.

Israel’s known for its innovation and so Biotop is a unique and luxurious haircare brand with high performance at an affordable price. The use of one-of-a-kind ingredients like Quinoa and Keratin as well as a massive range of products such as proactive for curly hair, volumizing boost for fine and flat hair, pro silver for blonde hair, and a treatment for hair fall, dandruff and oily scalps, no harmful chemicals and a PETA certification is what sets it apart and yield better results. The ultimate aim of the brand is to come up with exciting and innovative products that are compatible with the texture and quality of Indian hair for consumers to attain a lustrous, healthy, and strong crown.

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