Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat brand of USA forays into India through Allana Consumer Products Private Limited

04th August 2022, Mumbai: Allana Consumer Products Private Limited, a subsidiary of the reputed Allana Group has furthered its offerings in India to include plant-based meat by introducing Beyond Meat. Through the introduction, Allana Consumer Products aims to cater to the growing demand for healthier and guilt-free foods in the country and offer the best quality product available around the globe.

Beyond Meat is the pioneer and market leader in the United States for plant-based proteins, offering unrivaled taste and quality which many traditional meat eaters often find hard to distinguish. One of the brand’s key attributes is offering consumers a chance to be part of the green revolution taking place around the world, without compromising on taste.

Allana Consumer Products has partnered with Beyond Meat on a pan-India basis to distribute its globally acclaimed offerings in the Indian market. The range includes delicious Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Meatballs, and Beyond Mince which are made of simple, plant-based ingredients and designed to deliver the same taste and texture as that of animal-based meat, while being better for people and the planet. It may be mentioned that Beyond Meat products do not contain any GMO, gluten, soy, or cholesterol.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Milind Pingle, CEO of Allana Consumer Products Division says, “India is moving towards healthier lifestyle choices and people are looking for products which are sustainable and better for environment. Our aim is to encourage such changes for the betterment of health and lifestyle. Thus, it is our immense pleasure to announce Allana Consumer Products’ collaboration with Beyond Meat to bring the premium taste of meat, to the ever-growing demand for vegan and healthy living community in India”.

These products are a great alternative for conflicted carnivores who are reducing meat and looking to nourish themselves (and often their families) with better protein options. While highlighting how indistinguishable the products are, Mr. Pingle stated, “Beyond Meat is a brand that offers a wide range of products that are rich in terms of quality, starting from the texture that gives the consumer a feeling of eating meat and appetising taste which satisfies the taste buds. Infact, the world-class Beyond Meat range resonates with the forward looking, innovative and progressive values Allana Consumer Products stands for.“

Beyond Meat’s range of products are currently available in more than 24 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata, and are available through gourmet stores such as Nature’s Basket, Food Hall, Le Marche, Modern Bazaar, Spencer’s, etc. and also on reputed E-commerce portals such as Urban Platter, Vegan Dukan, Vegan World, Vvegano, Alt Mart and many more.

According to Industry estimates, the plant-based meat market is currently around ₹ 300 crores and is expected to accelerate to ₹ 3500 crores by 2026.

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