Bevzilla expands product portfolio/launches ‘Death Wish Dark Roast’ Coffee

Bevzilla, the connoisseur of flavourful coffee in the Beverage industry is emerging as an innovative instant coffee brand with indigenous flavors. Resonating with the intent of a convenient experience of a satisfying breakfast beverage with Bevzilla, the brand has added a new featured flavor to their expansive coffee line, promising a rich experience of premium and delicious breakfast beverages. Bevzilla introduces newly curated ‘Death Wish Dark roast coffee’ available in packaging options of 75gm, 200gm and Death Wish Dark roast coffee packages of 48 sachets.


Bevzilla coffee is made up of finest coffee beans, roasted to absolute perfection with notes of dark chocolate and black cherry. These dark roast coffee beans have a powerful flavor and are five times stronger than regular coffee. These new tastes are surely your best friend for an all-nighter or early mornings as they satisfy your caffeine demand. These premium beans are crafted only by using 100% pure Arabica beans that have been perfectly roasted to be rich and never bitter. These dark-roasted coffee beans have a robust flavor and a powerful caffeine impact. The potent flavoring, created specifically for strong coffee lovers, leaves you with a decadent aftertaste. Its low acidity makes it gentle on the stomach, adding to its benefits. Notably, the coffee mix is FDA & FSSAI approved.

Take a sip and explore the world of rich, darkly roasted coffee that is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and free of any additional preservatives, additives, or sugar. A cup of Bevzilla coffee is all you need to have a power- fuelled day. The range is inclusive of 75 gm coffee at Rs 399, 200gm for Rs799 or your preferred go to 48 sachets pack at Rs. 499.

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