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Kumkumadi Tailam Combo

Achieving healthy and radiant skin doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have the right products tailored to your skin type. Instead of going through a trial-and-error process with various products, opt for natural skincare that can work wonders for your skin. The cruelty-free ingredients uplift dull-looking skin, leaving it supple and glowing. Adding any of these Inveda’s kits to your cart right away, based on your specific requirements can provide your skin with the love and pampering it deserves and you’ll love the indulgent feeling you experience after using these products.

Kumkumadi Tailam Combo | Prevents 9 Skin Problems

Kumkumadi Tailam Combo

Kumkumadi Tailam translates to a mix of 24 herbs including saffron oil, one of the most renowned herbs in Ayurveda. What makes Inveda Kumkumadi Tailam Combo unique is that it contains 25+ natural ingredients and the essence of saffron. That means the number of benefits becomes way vaster & covers a wide array of skin problems simultaneously. The Ayurvedic Kumkumadi tailam kit contains a face scrub, face cream & face oil. One can reduce the following 9 skin concerns if the kumkumadi tailam for the face is applied to their daily skin care regimen.

Acne Treatment Kit

Are you constantly suffering from acne and pimples? Tried and tested every recommendation but still haven’t found the perfect treatment for acne, fret not for we have got you back. Inveda Acne Treatment Kit is 4 in 1 Combo that is all set to trace invisible impurities that tend to harm the skin and lead to breakouts and redness. A Natural Combo maintains the skin’s natural pH level, repairs skin from within, helps to balance sebum, and ensures skin stays soft, healthy, and acne-free.

Anti-Pigmentation Skin Care Kit

Blemishes No More! Even out your skin tone with hyperpigmentation & melasma treatment brought to you by Inveda Skincare with Anti Pigmentation skin care Kit. Ancient ayurvedic technology effectively breaks up the melanin that accumulated to form discoloration on your skin. The natural essence of Ayurvedic ingredients of Whitening Cream & Anti Pigmentation Blend works generously on stubborn blemishes & melasma to vanish it away. Inveda Pigmentation kit is ideal to use for all skin types to give clear and effortlessly glowing skin.

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