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Avaan Launches Excess Baggage services at Hyderabad Airport

Avaan Launches Excess Baggage services at Hyderabad AirportHyderabad, July 03rd, 2024: Avaan Excess, part of the Avaan India Group, and a pioneer in excess baggage services announces the launch of its operations at Hyderabad International Airport.

Hyderabad, known as the tech city of India, holds a special place in our hearts as our journey began here in 2019. Since then, we have grown to become India’s leading provider of convenient, cost-effective, and customer-friendly baggage & package delivery services, recognized both nationally and internationally. Hyderabad, where we have pioneered logistics and excess cargo brands, like Gati, remains our home and serves as the headquarters for Avaan India, “said Meera Singh, Founder & CEO of Avaan

Avaan stands out as the pioneering global solution for excess baggage & package, setting itself apart through unparalleled convenience and exceptional customer care. This innovative service addresses a critical need, especially benefiting cost-sensitive travelers, women traveling with children, senior citizens, and differently abled passengers.

Avaan offers baggage services at a vastly lower cost compared to airlines, starting at just Rs. 89/- per kg, whereas airlines charge Rs. 500/- per kg for excess baggage. Moreover, Avaan offers two transportation options: air and surface, ensuring flexibility and convenience for customers.

Moving forward, Avaan aims to expand its footprint in major airports worldwide, steadfast in its commitment to prioritizing customer convenience and delivering exceptional service. With a focus on continuous innovation and community-driven initiatives, our aim is to redefine the benchmarks of retail package and baggage logistics both within India and globally.

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