Arttd’inox renews the Art Deco Era with its Deco Collection

03. Fluted Tea Set 1

Do you love the eclectic style of the early Art Deco era? Or wonder how to incorporate the 1920s aesthetic, filled with decadence and opulence into everyday living? Arttd’inox, India’s premier home lifestyle brand from the esteemed house of JSL Lifestyle Ltd, launches a highly sought-after ‘Art Deco Collection’.

Inspired by the sleek geometric designs and intricate etchings popular during this era, the new collection captures the modernity and luxury of the 1920s and 1930s. With its enamelled tea sets, geometric platters, handcrafted bowls, and chic tissue boxes, the Art Deco range brings the best of the Roaring Twenties to the forefront of contemporary design, exuding material excellence and bold geometric modernism.

Mentioned below are some products that are part of the Arttd’inox Deco Collection

Moderne Snack Server (Off-Set Platter)

The Moderne Snack Server’s black and matt gold coating is reminiscent of Art Deco architecture and guarantees to draw admiring glances. A perfect addition to your coffee table that can even be melded into your breakfast tablescape or bar setting, the snack server is bound to turn heads.

Moderne Tea Cups (Fluted Tea Cups)

Never burn your fingers while sipping on hot tea. The Moderne Tea Cups’ double-walled design ensures heat retention on the interior and a cool exterior, making every aspect of the tea-drinking experience enjoyable. Additionally, its modern design will add charm to your tea service even when not in use.

Moderne Tea Service (Fluted Tea Set)

Welcome opulence, charm and modernity to your tea parties with the Arttd’inox Moderne Tea Service. With its intricate laser-cut design and mirror polish finish, the tea set will be the perfect addition to every tea lover’s home.

Moderne Serving Tray (Art Deco Square Tray)

Bold with a touch of class and luxury; that is what the Art Deco Square Tray promises. Prove to be the host who goes above and beyond, not just in terms of food but also in terms of aesthetics. The timeless oak handles and striking graphic laser design imprinted on the service are sure to captivate its viewers.

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