ARTPARK, I-Hub @ IISc steals the show at Aero India 2023

ARTPARK, I-Hub @ IISc steals the show at Aero India 2023; Showcases Made-in-India UAVs with capabilities to take off and land in water & land

~ The UAVs are developed in association with IISc and in support of the Ministry of Heavy Industries


Bengaluru, 17th February 2023: ARTPARK, I-Hub @ IISc had a successful participation in the 14th edition of the Aero India Show, which started on 13th February and will continue till 17th February at the Yelahanka Airforce Station, Bengaluru. The demos, which are displayed in the India Pavilion and Karnataka Pavilion, have received a commendation from many national as well as foreign delegates. The ventures participating in the Aero Show are a part of the CAMRAS Industry Accelerator (Center for Advance Manufacturing for Robotics and Autonomous Systems) set up by the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) at ARTPARK @ IISc.

ARTPARK @ IISc showcased one of India’s first low power AI-Driven Autopilot; along with XTOL-15- a safer and reliable UAV to foster air cargo; Sisumara, a UAV that can take off and land in the water and AlgoFET, the UAV Charging systems. These technologies have been developed to enhance India’s drone efficiency in all terrains, and with the help of advanced technologies, can meet the demands of the defense and healthcare sectors. The showcase is aligned with ARTPARK’s vision of fostering inclusive AI & Robotics technologies for the developing world.

One of the most attractive showcases at the show is Sisumara, an amphibian UAV that can take off and land on any terrain be it water or land. This vehicle operates like any other quadcopter, but also drops below the surface of water or emerges out of it. The UAV takes a hull shape design that offers minimal hydrodynamic drag, thus enabling better takeoff performance on the water. The UAV is also equipped with a semi-automated mechanism that helps it collect different water samples from different water bodies. This makes it helpful for monitoring water pollution as well.

ARTPARK @IISc showcased three other UAVs developed by their team in association with IISc. Details about the other UAVs that have been showcased:

XTOL-15 Cargo UAV: XTOL-15 has been appreciated by defense personnel and industry leaders alike. It is a multi-role VTOL capable UAV with a payload capacity of 2.5+ Kg and delivers to a range of 30 Km. The system’s primary application is low-weight cargo transport, which is to deliver medicine, blood samples, and other time-sensitive and high-value items. However, the system can be in-field configured for surveillance, mapping, and SaR applications by installing the required payload. The vertical takeoff and landing capability eliminate the need for runways. To be able to launch and recover in constrained environments, the UAV has an electronically controlled foldable wing that reduces the vehicle span to 1.5m only. The navigation system comprises a jamming resilient multi-constellation GNSS receiver able to work with IRNSS. There are built-in redundancies in the system, viz. VTOL rotor redundancy, triple redundant IMU, and redundant actuators.

Omnipilot: It is India’s first low-power AI-Driven autopilot for UAVs, which offers a complete solution for autonomous navigation with hardware accelerated onboard AI, supported by features like secure cryptographic hardware, reliable connectivity, and dual redundant system recovery. Omnipilot has a triple redundant inertial sensor stack and other critical peripherals supporting precision navigation. According to the team, Omnipilot is a breakthrough innovation that can have a significant impact on the UAV ecospace and promote the indigenization of UAVs in the country.

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