APL Apollo presents easy to fit closed steel door and window frames “Apollo Chaukhat”

New Delhi, 30th March 2022: APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded steel tubes manufacturers, has come out with easy to fit closed steel door and window frames “Apollo Chaukhat”. Based on trusted Italian technology, “Apollo Chaukhat” is easy to fit, termite-proof, fire-resistant, environment friendly and recyclable.

India’s first closed steel door and window frame “Apollo Chaukhat”, is based on trusted and dependable Italian technology. Emerging as a perfect choice for doors and windows, “Apollo Chaukhat” is a class apart in its segment. It is synonymous with strength, durability and world-class quality. “Apollo Chaukhat” door and window frames are light in weight and their installation process is quick as they come in customizable sizes.


Mr Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo said, “Traditionally, in India wooden frames are used for doors and windows, but as we have seen, these frames have several shortcomings. While they are expensive, inflammable and prone to termites, their installation is also very time-consuming. On the contrary, Apollo Chaukhat”, made of high-quality steel, is easy to fit, environment friendly and recyclable. The product also shields the house from dust and bugs, and can be easily customized according to the consumers’ requirements.”

For the consumers who have been traditionally using wooden frames for doors and windows, “Apollo Chaukhat” is loaded with inherent advantages. It is termite-proof, fire-resistant and rigid whereas even the expensive wooden frames remain prone to termites and are inflammable, expansion and contraction happen in wooden frames due to changes in weather.


These cost-effective, trendy and elegant door and window frames are made using world-class Direct Forming Technology (DFT) introduced in India by APL Apollo. Another reason to choose “Apollo Chaukhat” is its quick installation process which involves effortless ease. While wooden frames, which have to be fitted during construction, Apollo Chaukhat on the other hand, can be fitted post-construction in just two easy steps, like any modern PLUG & PLAY.

Apollo Chaukhat product series includes a wide range of Door and Window Frames for discerning customers to choose from. Apollo Chaukhat has a longer lifespan than traditional doors and window frames. Moreover, this new product segment is eco-friendly in nature and provides several benefits in terms of value for money and lower maintenance.

Offered at a competitive price, “Apollo Chaukhat” Door and Window Frames are available in a wide range of choices.

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