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Ambuja and ACC Lead the Way in Green Construction for a Sustainable Future

Ahmedabad, 08th July 2024: Ambuja Cements Limited and ACC Limited, the cement and building material companies of the diversified Adani Portfolio, are proud to be at the forefront of sustainability, demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation. The Companies are pioneering green construction with innovative solutions that reduce carbon footprints while improving product quality.

The innovative products range includes Ambuja Cement, Ambuja Plus, Ambuja Kawach, Ambuja Compocem, ACC F2R, ACC Suraksha, ACC Concrete Plus, ACC Gold and ACC HPC, all are GRIHA-listed contributing to sustainable construction. With more than 85% blended cement, the Companies have significantly reduced carbon footprint as compared to ordinary Portland cement, helping preserve natural resources. ACC’s ECOMaxX, a Green Pro-certified concrete, helps reduce the carbon footprint for customers opting to choose a concrete based on their desired levels of CO2 reductions and sustainability objectives.

The Companies have expanded their networks and reach of sustainable products, promoting these practices among Individual Home Builders (IHBs) and professionals alike. Their initiatives, such as the ‘Sapno Ka Ghar’ using their Certified Technology, provides guidance to registered contractors and engineers to ensure high-quality, sustainable construction. Through these initiatives, contractors and dealers are incentivised to adopt sustainable practices, contributing to the overall success and growth of green construction.

Ambuja and ACC offer innovative on-site solutions for resource optimisation and quality enhancement. Ambuja’s modular curing solution has saved 28 million litres of water across 2,327 sites while ACC has conserved 12,000 litres per 1,000 sq. ft. of concrete slab. Further, the instant concrete mix proportioning solutions have reduced water usage and improved quality for more than 18,000 customers and saving 23 million litres in FY’24.

This dedication to promoting sustainable construction is further enhanced by their extensive knowledge-sharing efforts. Their Knowledge Centres serve as hubs for educating architects and engineers about sustainable construction practices, reaching over 20,000 professionals. These centres focus on the use of advanced materials and techniques, ensuring that construction professionals are well-equipped to implement sustainable practices in their projects.

Ambuja Cements and ACC are setting new industry standards and driving the construction sector towards a greener, more sustainable future. Their innovative products and solutions not only meet the current demands of sustainable construction but also pave the way for continued environmental stewardship and progress.

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