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AIC – RNTU Foundation and Wadhwani Foundation Launch Liftoff Propel Program

National, 28th June 2024: AIC-RNTU Foundation, Atal Incubation Centre, known for nurturing 112 startups with its comprehensive support programs, has announced a partnership with the Wadhwani Foundation to launch the Liftoff Propel Program. This initiative aims to support early-stage Startups by providing an array of resources, expert guidance, and Investment Opportunities.

AIC-RNTU Foundation has established itself as a pivotal force in the startup ecosystem, offering services such as mentoring, handholding, industry connections, workshops, investor connects, events, competitions, new-age labs & dedicated office space, etc. Their efforts have resulted in 45 startups securing funding through various government schemes, angel investors, and venture capital firms.

Wadhwani Foundation, a leader in fostering entrepreneurship and accelerating business growth complements this initiative with its flagship programs- Ignite (for student entrepreneurs) Liftoff (for startups) Accelerate (for businesses).

The Liftoff Propel Program, a collaborative effort between the AIC-RNTU Foundation and the Wadhwani Foundation, is designed to support early-stage startups. The program is open to registered companies demonstrating early traction.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Ronald Fernandez, CEO of AIC-RNTU Foundation says “We believe in empowering startups that fuel innovation and drive economic growth, resulting in fostering a future where creativity knows no limits”.

The Program offers early-stage startups curated content and solution kits, including online lessons, masterclasses, and live expert sessions. They also help startups gain visibility through social media shoutouts and access to funding opportunities through government schemes and connect with over 35 investment partners. The program guides exclusive 1:1 mentoring, and $150K in startup credits for services like AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc. In addition to that, startups can join a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts

AIC-RNTU Foundation and Wadhwani Foundation have been key players in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The new Liftoff program strengthens this mission, helping individual startups and building a community of entrepreneurs.

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