After making waves in Hong Kong, DrinksDeli comes to India

Pratham Wahi, Founder, DrinksDeli

India, 07 Oct, 2021: The culinary revolution that hit our food-obsessed country a decade ago shows no signs of slowing down, with the Indian F&B world buzzing with innovations in every aspect, from new food combinations to exotic produce to foodtech. Foodtech, however, is driving largescale disruption across the board, as customers take control of their food preferences through proliferation of new-age apps and services that have truly democratised access to speciality and novelty food items. One such development is the launch of DrinksDeli, the go-to destination for anyone who wants to savour the finest of Indian and Global beverages.

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After great success in Hong Kong as DrinksDeli Asia, standing as one among its top 5 online alcohol and beverage delivery platforms, DrinksDeli comes to India with an exclusive non-alcoholic beverage delivery service. With a wide array of beverages and brands curated by experts with the objective to delight foodies and connoisseurs alike, door-to-door delivery service and fantastic offers, DrinksDeli is ready for the Indian consumer, who is more discerning than ever.

DrinksDeli India offers top brands across six categories namely, Health Drinks, Sodas & Tonics, Cocktail Mixers & Syrups, Teas, Coffees and Drinkware. Its brands list includes Svami, Vahdam Teas, Sleepy Owl, Jimmy’s Cocktails, Jade Forest, Vaum Tonics, Coolberg, Araku Coffee, Fearless Tea, Sepoy & Co, Exalte, Bengal Bay, Beanly, Gunsberg, HappyBooch, Polka Pop among many more.

It also has a special offering for those who like to tread on the adventurous side, wanting to explore the world of beverages with new flavours and tastes. ‘The Drinks Directory’ on the platform is a veritable goldmine of beverage recipes and flavour profilings that are often unheard of. The Pantry section covers the “deli” aspect of DrinksDeli with gourmet spreads, syrups, spices, drinking chocolate and waters to elevate your everyday essentials.

Says Pratham Wahi, Founder, DrinksDeli, “DrinksDeli as a concept recognises the special place that beverages occupy in our lives. Many major moments of our day and major celebrations in our lives feature a beverage that is appropriate for the occasion or the event or the people we are with, be it tea/coffee brewed in many different ways, to cocktail mixes to the humble lemonade. India abounds in choice of beverages that vary as per region and associated culture and traditions. That’s why a platform dedicated to beverages is truly exciting.”


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