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Admission Alert: Join ICRI’s Master’s in Public Health Program

Mumbai: Join ICRI’s Master’s in Public Health program, recognized by UGC for its two-year duration, available at Mumbai Campus. Throughout the two-year program, students engage deeply with biostatistics, health economics, and disease control subjects. They also explore critical areas like public health ethics, research methods, and health systems management. This comprehensive approach ensures graduates are well-prepared to tackle complex health issues and contribute meaningfully to public health initiatives globally.

As of 2021, India’s healthcare sector stands as one of the largest employers in the country, providing livelihoods for 4.7 million individuals. Between 2017 and 2022, the sector witnessed remarkable growth, adding 2.7 million jobs, translating to over 500,000 new opportunities annually. Public health experts play a crucial role in analysing, safeguarding, and enhancing community health globally. Their scope extends beyond traditional factors like hygiene and housing to encompass critical issues such as pandemic preparedness, exemplified by the challenges posed by COVID-19. This dynamic environment not only underscores the sector’s vital role in global health but also expands career avenues for aspiring public health professionals.

Anup Munshi, Associate Dean of Mumbai Campus, stated, “I believe that the healthcare sector’s rapid evolution presents immense opportunities for aspiring public health professionals. With India’s healthcare industry emerging as a major employer and the global focus on pandemic resilience, our Master’s in Public Health program equips students to lead in addressing these pressing challenges and shaping the future of healthcare.”

ICRI has been offering this course since 2016 and has successfully placed students in leading NGOs, think tanks, hospitals, and other key organisations. The starting salary for public health professionals ranges from INR 3.5 lakhs to 6.5 lakhs per annum. India, as a leading destination for high-end diagnostic services, necessitates immediate attention to health policies, thus generating numerous job opportunities for public health professionals.

Upon completion, graduates of ICRI’s Master’s in Public Health program are poised for diverse career paths. They can pursue roles as research analysts, policy specialists, or healthcare administrators, contributing to organisations like WHO, leading hospitals, research institutes, NGOs, and government sectors. This program empowers students to make a significant impact on public health, addressing emerging health challenges and promoting community well-being.

Students can enter various fields such as healthcare management, epidemiology, environmental health, and community health. The curriculum at ICRI blends the science and art of disease prevention with health promotion strategies. Students delve into practical aspects of public health, focusing on health policy, administration, and disease prevention. The program equips graduates with essential skills to address global health challenges through rigorous research and evidence-based practices.

All life science graduates, including BDS, MBBS, and pharmacy graduates, are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants must have a minimum aggregate of 60%, and selection involves passing an entrance test followed by an interview conducted by subject matter experts. This rigorous selection process ensures that candidates entering the program have a strong foundation in healthcare-related fields and are well-prepared for the academic and practical challenges of the curriculum.

Key Details:

  • Fees: INR 1.25 lakhs per annum
  • Scholarship: Available for candidates with 85% and above
  • Commencement of Course: 1st September 2024
  • Last Date of Application: 15th July 2024

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