A Global Feast Awaits You At Pleo, An Elegant All-Day Restaurant Launches In BKC

 May, Mumbai: Adding to BKC’s quintessential charm is Pleo, an exquisite all-day restaurant where one can relish a plethora of global delicacies. The name ‘Pleo’ means ‘more,’ and you can be assured that you’ll get more than what you expect in terms of quality, culinary innovation, the overall dining experience, and more. So if you are looking forward to getting a first-hand feel of what it’s like to be in a regal setting, Pleo’s the place to go.

Founded by Nirmal Patel, Pleo was brought to life with a vision to cater to corporate professionals, families, and the younger generation. The interior design has a modern, contemporary aura about it, which is perfect for drawing in the right kind of audience. The entire restaurant, including the bar, is bathed in hues of royal blue and gold, which gives it a refined, luxurious feel. The huge windows lining the space make it look more spacious than it seems and give it an old-world charm. “Our brand’s design language merges a vintage-curated sensibility with wholesome geometric forms, engaging exaggeration yet again to reiterate the idea of plenty as well as playful elegance. The colour palette is fresh yet rich, unusual, warm, and welcoming,” says Patel.


Whether you are craving a high-end version of your favourite dish or a comforting, wholesome meal, Pleo has everything you desire. The place is a beautiful culinary intersection where there is a melange of a variety of cuisines, such as European, Asian, Indian, and more. Some of Pleo’s top dishes include Truffle Cheese Pop with Chilli Honey, Orange and Cherry Tomato Rasam with Crisp Fennel and Spiced Lavash, Jackfruit Galouti with Spiced Apricot Gel and Sweet Potato Salli, Double Baked Souffle with Camembert Fondue, Noel Gur Payasam Ice Cream with Ginger Bread Crumbs, and Chikmangloor Coffee Mousse. You ought to try out the Boneless Chicken Wings stuffed with Bhut Jolokia Chilli and Philly Cheese Spread; Kam Heong Squids, which consist of fried squid rings tossed in curry leaves, dried red chilli, peppers, and soy; Tequila & Kasundi Jhinga with jalapeno, cilantro chutney, and star fruit salsa; Burmese Paneer Tikka with lemongrass foam and peanut chutney; Sri Lankan Pomfret curry; and more.

Among the desserts, make sure to try out the Burnt Cheesecake with Fresh Berries and Rum Flambe, Bourbon Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry IC and Brown Butter Soil, Nostalgia—Caramel Custard with Whipped Chocolate Ganache and Berries, Lychee Tres Leches with Rose Espuma and Pistachio Soil, Elder Flower Parfait with Ghevar Crown, Raspberry Coulis, and Candid Rose Petals, and the Classic Tiramisu.

Besides the food, Pleo offers an impeccable, high-energy bar experience that one shouldn’t miss out on. Some of their signature cocktails that are sure to delight your senses include Tupi, Pleo Pearls, Pepino Picante, Wasa-B, Spice Route, Buko Pandan, and more.

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